Nå lanseres endelig Epionce i Norge!!

Epionce is now being launched in Norway

Epionce is now being launched in Norway - a small cosmeceutical series of skin barrier-strengthening products.

The man behind Epionce is Dr. Carl Thornfelt Bois, Idaho, USA, who has Norwegian roots. He has long researched ingredients, the skin's barrier etc. and thus the formation of Epionce was founded. The main goal of the series is to repair the skin's barrier and calm inflammation.

He wanted to ensure that the technologies in the Epionce products exceeded theory and could be proven to actually work through rigorous clinical testing. Dr. Thornfeldt was a pioneer in demanding thorough, high-quality testing of market-ready products for cosmetics. Epionce Renewal Facial Cream along with Lytic Tx were the first over-the-counter products to take on the best retinoids in head-to-head clinical trials. The results were clear – the study participants and medical researchers saw the same antiaging results, but without the irritation reactions often associated with retinoid use. The secret, according to him, is the ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and that linseed oil is more anti-inflammatory than cortisone.

Dr. Carl wrote "The New Ideal in Skin Health" his first full-length book. He continues to write and publish for peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks, and presents at industry meetings including the American Academy of Dermatology.

This is a very exciting collaboration in every way, and there are many people who not only like, but love Epionce. Epionce has won several awards, including from NewBeauty & Shape Magazine.
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