SKIN DEEP 2.0 PODCAST : Eksem og sensitiv hud med Torhild og Amanda

SKIN DEEP 2.0 PODCAST: Eczema and sensitive skin with Torhild and Amanda

SKIN DEEP 2.0 PODCAST with Skin Care Nurse & Therese Røssevold

"In this episode, you will get Torhild and Amanda's best advice and tips for those of you who have sensitive skin or eczema in your life, either yourself or others. Torhild has three children, two of whom have had atopic eczema since they were small. She has been through everything from cures and products and has enormous knowledge and lots of experience around the topic. Amanda is Torhild's daughter and has herself felt the eczema on her body to such an extent that at one point she could not dress her own child as her hands were destroyed by eczema . She traveled on a treatment journey and shares with us all the knowledge she learned on the trip and which she has taken to heart afterwards. Today, Amanda lives with her eczema under control and has a holistic approach that includes everything from products and diet to breathing exercises and nutritional supplements . Torhild has created her own skin care brand which can now be found at many different outlets throughout Norway and she has a passion for ingredients and gives you the recipe for what you should look for in a product for eczema skin."

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